Wireless Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius monitors warehouse environments in Industries ranging from Aerospace to Food Service – meeting regulatory requirements and notifying of out of range conditions – saving your operations time and money. TempGenius will exceed your expectations with reliable products and a wide range of solutions.

TempGenius warehouse solutions include two channel sensors that can monitor both temperature and humidity for cost effective, single device simplicity.  Radio options vary from standard 50MW radio strength to 110MW high power radios, all meeting FCC requirements for this application.

In addition to monitoring control points, TempGenius Data Loggers can assist your operations with temperature mapping consultation and reports.

TempGenius wireless monitoring systems can be calibrated to meet NIST and ISO 17025 Standards. TempGenius offers a number of cost effective and realistic options for maintaining calibration certification including:

Sensor Replacement – User can simply snap in new sensor that includes documentation for calibration.
Self Calibration – Our software and Customer Support make this an easy process.
Site Calibration – We send a technician to calibrate your equipment onsite.
Hybrid approach – Combination of the above sometimes works best.

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Wireless Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab.

Humidity Monitoring

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas etc.


People Counting allows the automatic measurement of customer and visitor traffic.

We Are Trusted By Our Clients

“Exceptional service. At first, I was confused on how to keep an eye over my warehouse but with monitors from TempGenius, it has been quite easy and quick.”

John D.