Forensic Laboratory Wireless Monitoring

TempGenius wireless instruments are used in Forensic Laboratories across the United States. TempGenius systems meet ASCLD / LAB and ISO 17025 Requirements and are trusted in over 25 State Forensic Laboratories.

TempGenius monitors DNA, Toxicology, Criminalistics, Vault Storage, Specimen Storage, Evidence Storage, Lab Kit Storage, Lab Supply Storage, and more. TempGenius wireless monitors can interface with Heat Blocks, Ovens, Refrigerators, Freezers, -80 Freezers, Ambient Temperature, and Humidity. Along with Positive and Negative Pressures, and Incubators to remotely display the automatically logged temperature and reading history. Most importantly, it will notify you of out of range conditions to prevent loss of evidence, costly test kits, and specimens.

TempGenius monitoring “on the shelf” solutions already hermetically sealed probes, high-temperature probes, cryogenic probes, surface temperature probes, warming cabinet probes, and many more. TempGenius can spec build a probe to any tolerance and any specification required.

TempGenius offers NIST and ISO 17025 Lab calibrations for all sensor types. We have a variety of ways of supporting crime lab calibrations and regulatory needs:

Sensor Replacement – User can simply snap in new sensor that includes documentation for calibration.
Self Calibration – Our software and Customer Support make this an easy process.
Site Calibration – We send a technician to calibrate your equipment onsite.
Hybrid approach – Combination of the above sometimes works best.

We have WIRED and WIRELESS options and a range of radio technology for every application including WiFi 2.4GHz and High Power 900MHz transmitters. Our WIRED options can be used in conjunction with our Wireless Temperature Sensors.

TempGenius can specified and implemented incrementally to accommodate any budgetary constraints.  You can start with a base system and add devices as budget permits.

Please contact TempGenius at 800-810-4000 for more information on our Wireless Monitors.

Wireless Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab.

Humidity Monitoring

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas etc.


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We Are Trusted By Our Clients

“Exceptional service. At first, I was confused on how to keep an eye over my warehouse but with monitors from TempGenius, it has been quite easy and quick.”

John D.