Co2 Monitoring

TempGenius Co2 monitoring sensors can retrofit into any Room, Incubator, Refrigerator, Walk-In, Warehouse, Truck, and more.
We can retrofit onto Vaisala precision Co2 Sensors or standard room sensors for compliance, safety, and lab monitoring and alerting.

TempGenius Monitoring offers NIST and 17025 calibrations for Co2 sensors and recalibration offerings include:

Sensor Replacement – Easiest and more cost-effective in some cases, we have technology with calibration tables on the chip hardware making calibration literally a snap!
Self Calibration – Our software and Customer Support make this an easy process.
Site Calibration – We send a technician to calibrate your equipment onsite.
Hybrid approach – Combination of the above sometimes works best.

TempGenius Monitoring has wired options and radio technology for every application including WiFi 2.4GHz and High Power 900MHz transmitters. TempGenius wired options can be used in conjunction with our Wireless Temperature Sensors.

TempGenius monitors Co2 in a number of environments including laboratories, food distribution, food storage, trucking and agriculture. In laboratories, Co2 monitoring can be done in incubators with calibrated instruments. For air quality, TempGenius can monitor ambient air to ensure conditions are safe for folks that work in environments that utilize dry ice for storage such as Labs, Warehouses, Manufacturing, and Distribution centers to meet OSHA standards or internal quality assurance requirements.

Please contact us at 800-810-4000 with questions.

Wireless Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab.

Humidity Monitoring

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas etc.


People Counting allows the automatic measurement of customer and visitor traffic.

We Are Trusted By Our Clients

“Exceptional service. At first, I was confused on how to keep an eye over my warehouse but with monitors from TempGenius, it has been quite easy and quick.”

John D.