Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Equipment Staging & Testing

TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab. The equipment is configured to your network specifications, labeled, and tested in similar conditions before being packaged and shipped as a turnkey configured system. Live customer support is available to assist you through a self-install.

Cloud Hosting / Data Archive

Compliance Control Inc. manages highly robust Cloud services on validated servers. Utilizing the SSD drives and high performance server hardware, our services are highly reliable and faster than what most organizations can reasonably expect to provide with a local server. We also take care of all data backups, data management, and serve data securely on the internet for offsite access to reports and configuration.

Site Installation & Training

TempGenius can be installed in many environments including Hospital, Laboratory, Industrial, and Manufacturing environments. TempGenius is installed by factory installers and authorized resellers who also provide onsite training and ongoing services. TempGenius site installation is a coordinated effort, designed to reduce site time and disruption. TempGenius can be installed in most environments without taking equipment out of production mode including highly sensitive ultra cold freezers and incubators.

Custom Software Development

TempGenius' development team can modify existing software or create complete custom software applications. Custom examples include Wireless Temperature Monitoring systems in manufacturing that can trigger an output for a specific task. Custom systems employed to notify when a unique condition is met; Custom software that includes corporate logos or process control numbers on forms and data sheets; Custom reporting to automate an existing task required to present report data to regulators or quality control.

Calibration – NIST / ISO 17025 / Support

Compliance Control Inc. can custom calibrate all our sensors for our Wired and Wireless Monitoring systems. We offer many of our off the shelf instruments with NIST calibration at competitive prices. We also offer accredited 17025 calibration for ISO environments. We can accommodate custom calibration point requests for any of our sensor types. We also offer competitive site calibration options for most of our sensor types.

Equipment Integration

Compliance Control Inc. can manufacture, integrate or otherwise retrofit into existing hardware to automate almost any data logging requirement. We can meet any regulatory requirement including CAP, JCAHO, ISO, GMP, FDA Part 11, A2LA, ASCLD-LAB, and more. Most of our solutions are off the shelf and others can be built to spec.

Validation Support IQ / OQ

Compliance Control Inc. provides installation validation support for clients with validated systems.

Policy Consultation

Compliance Control Inc. can help integrate TempGenius into an existing policy with documentation support and validation services. TempGenius software can be programmed with existing control numbers.

Custom Hardware Development

Compliance Control Inc. can create custom wireless monitoring solutions to integrate almost anything into the TempGenius wireless platform. Off the shelf solutions already include wireless humidity, light, pressure, Co2, counting, power, and more.

Wireless Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab.

Humidity Monitoring

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas etc.


People Counting allows the automatic measurement of customer and visitor traffic.

We Are Trusted By Our Clients

“Exceptional service. At first, I was confused on how to keep an eye over my warehouse but with monitors from TempGenius, it has been quite easy and quick.”

John D.