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TempGenius Triumphs
  • Cellular capability added to TempGenius wireless monitoring platform
  • Dual Channel Wireless Temperature Sensor added to TempGenius Equipment Offereings
  • Major Dairies Implement TempGenius Temperature Logging System
  • TempGenius Wireless Monitoring System Watches Five-Star Hotel Operations 
  • TempGenius Wifi Temperature Sensors Watch Over Temperatures for Massive Fresh Foods Producer 
  • TempGenius monitors Major Private hospital Pharmacy, Lab, Dietary, OR, ER, and Nursing Departments
  • Forensic DNA Lab Implements TempGenius Wireless Temperature Monitoring System 
  • State Health Departments Utilize TempGenius for Wireless Vaccine Storage Monitoring 
  •  Curators Use TempGenius Data Loggers to Protect National Treasures from Storage Damage
  • Large Hamburger Chain chooses TempGenius for Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
  • TempGenius Temperature Monitoring System now available under GSA Contract
  • Clinical Trials Lab institutes TempGenius
  •  Prenatal Screening Processor chose TempGenius Monitoring Systems
  • Major Northeastern Poultry Distributors installs TempGenius to watch their freezers and walk-in refrigerators
  • TempGenius in use by HVAC Servicers to Monitor Customer RTUs and Refrigerators
  • Real Estate Management group uses TempGenius wireless monitoring for remote buildings alerts
  • TempGenius Cellular Temperature Monitoring Systems go Live In International In-Flight Service Provider Operations

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TempGenius builds and tests your complete wireless monitoring system in our test lab.

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TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas etc.


People Counting allows the automatic measurement of customer and visitor traffic.

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