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July 27, 2020
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When it comes to criminal investigations, the integrity of the evidence can sway the course of an entire case. If there is any discrepancy with biological evidence, including blood, saliva, or other crime scene samples, a criminal could potentially go free without being punished for their crime.

Delivering the Evidence to the Lab

Many detectives are accustomed to working with hunches, theories, and critical thinking. Detectives are not expected to think like scientists, that said, detectives should apprise themselves of how certain conditions like temperature can affect biological samples.

Bringing the evidence from a crime scene to the lab can be a tricky movement. Having a forensic team on site is crucial. They have all the equipment to keep the correct temperatures and conditions of the evidence on its way to the lab. In the time it would take a detective to deliver the samples, a lot could go wrong with them without the right conditions. If this were to happen, it could be considered “tampering with evidence.”

How Can Crime Labs Maintain Ideal and Consistent Conditions?

Maintaining ideal and consistent conditions in labs is tricky, the pressure rises and falls, the temperature can be out of control, and microscopic particles can float aimlessly around. Investing in a temperature monitoring system will keep the entire lab in perfect sync.

As a professional working in a crime lab, it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity of each item being analyzed as evidence that enters the lab, every step of the investigation process. Moving from section to section of the lab can even tamper with the evidence within seconds. Having a system keeping it all in check leaves you worry-free.

Not only are DNA samples, blood, and other human remains tested and investigated in criminal labs, but so are suspicious documents, digital or multimedia information, firearms, and other trace evidence. Even these other specific types of evidence will need to be in a consistently conditioned lab. Temperature spikes or drops can alter the evidence to the point it can become anywhere from slightly damaged to destroyed, and unable to be used in a criminal case. No evidence in a court case leads to the case being dismissed.

The Solution? Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless temperature monitoring platforms like TempGenius are widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to protect evidence from being exposed to extreme temperatures and ensure its integrity.

These types of systems can help monitor sections of the lab for DNA, Toxicology, specimen storage, along with lab supply and lab kit storages. They are also capable of interfacing refrigerators, freezers, humidity, -80 freezers, heat blocks, and ovens. Lastly, they can change between positive and negative pressures. All of these are automatically logged and are easily displayed.

Depending on each lab’s specific requirements, different types of probes can also be added to the original system, for example, cryogenic probes and warming cabinet probes. If a lab needs a specific type of probe, it can be customized to each one’s needs.

One of the best parts of having a wireless monitoring system, is that the history log is fully accessible at any time, and the system can notify you of any changes in conditions at any time.

TempGenius systems can be installed by the lab, or they can come to install it for you if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. It is downloaded right onto the computers already being used in the lab. Multiple users can access it at any time, and secure remote access can be used for multiple locations of larger lab areas, using multiple user profiles if necessary.

Benefits of Having a Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Built by TempGenius

The wireless temperature monitoring platform pioneered by TempGenius is constructed in the United States of America and engineered with the highest standards in mind, meeting Joint Commission (JC), FDA, ISO 17025, CAP, HACCP, CLIA and USDA requirements.

If every crime lab utilized a wireless monitoring system designed by TempGenius, there would be a significant drop in the number of criminals who go free by virtue of corrupted evidence.

Not only do wireless temperature monitoring systems eliminate errors, but they also reduce costs and increase the quality of all specimens while helping labs save money on energy efficiency.

TempGenius has the perfect wireless monitoring system for your lab. The platform can be engineered to provide the following services:

  • Power monitoring
  • Wireless Particle Count Monitoring
  • Wireless Cryogenic Storage Monitoring
  • Water leak monitoring

  • Having a wireless platform that can perform the preceding functions is an extraordinary advantage for any laboratory, especially crime labs that process sensitive material that is being used as evidence.

    The beauty of the TempGenius’ wireless monitoring platform is that it can be engineered to monitor nearly any condition in any lab. The more data that you have on conditions around the lab, the more control you have which improves both the quality and the accuracy of every result. Their systems also come with accommodations for burglary constraints.

    TempGenius offers different calibrations for all sensor types and includes in their package sensor replacement, self-calibration, site calibration, or the hybrid approach.

    With TempGenius, they do offer wired systems that can be used in conjunction with their wireless systems.

    Whichever base system fits the lab’s needs and budget can always be upgraded and services added on for specific needs, even if they arise later.

    What Sets TempGenius apart from other Monitoring Systems

    A Proven Track Record and Vast Experience

    You do not need any random provider for your monitoring; you need a company that works solely on temperature monitoring solutions. It also needs to have a variety of customers and unmatched knowledge. TempGenius has been working on temperature measurement and recording solutions for many years. We take pride in our plethora of partnerships with renowned medical and healthcare entities in the US.

    Compliance with the Set Standards

    TempGenius temperature monitoring systems are designed and developed to the highest standards. They have met requirements from the CDC, FDA, CAP, ISO 17025, CLIA, Joint Commission (JC), HACCP, and USDA. Furthermore, we provide enterprise temperature alarms and complete temperature logs when Critical Compliance (CCP’s) are out of compliance.

    We Provide Certified Calibration Services

    With a vast array of software apps and products, we deliver top-notch calibration services that can support validation, traceability, compliance, and quality assurance. Our systems will help you record and monitor deviations and inaccuracies in detail and provide precise results.

    Durable and Reliable Systems

    Our temperature monitoring platforms are a culmination of robust expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled experience. Our ultra-stable platforms are created to give you the best performance and durability.

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