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If you’ve scoured the internet and stumbled upon this article, we bet you’ve come to realize how essential it is to maintain optimal temperatures in your vaccine storage rooms. Although there have been several significant innovations since the discovery of vaccines, along with these advances came the challenge of storing these vaccines for them to remain safe and viable. We all understand that fluctuations in temperature or prolonged exposure to extreme conditions can lead to the spoilage or loss of potency of the vaccines. And even though installing a climate control system is a bold step, it is not enough to help you detect, prepare, and react to unseen problems. One of the most significant ways to ensure that your stored vaccines are in pristine conditions is to use wireless temperature monitoring platforms such as those provided by TempGenius.

What are the Basics of Our Temperature Monitoring Systems?

Often, most pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare labs, and industries tend to overlook the importance of temperature monitoring systems and rely on climate control integrated systems to monitor temperatures. However, they fail to realize that lack of adequate monitoring can lead to massive losses in case the refrigeration system fails.

With a certified temperature monitoring platform such as TempGenius, you can employ high-end sensors to detect and inform you when there is any failure or change in room condition. This is achieved by measuring the temperature within a single degree against a vast array of thresholds. Installing monitoring sensors ensures that you’re aware of any heat changes in your vaccines’ storage facility. Hence, you’ll be in a position to step up and prevent any sort of thermal shutdown or failure.

Although most individuals think the temp monitoring system become essential once the vaccine is already in the market, that’s not the case. TempGenius should be leveraged at all stages of production starting from the cold storage unit at the manufacturing plant, through transportation, distribution, and even at the provider’s storage facility before the vaccine is administered. This entire process is dubbed the "cold chain." While some vaccines must be refrigerated, some are stored in frozen form. However, in both cases, these vaccines must be kept in a temperature-controlled environment for them to remain viable. Apart from temperature monitoring, our software products can be used to detects and send signals when a vaccine is exposed to extreme light, humidity, water leak, or differential pressure that may lead to it losing its potency.

What are the Benefits of Using Our Temperature Monitoring Sensors?

Any business or entity that utilizes TempGenius’ platforms for temperature monitoring and recording will enjoy various significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs since monitoring processes are done automatically without any human input.
  • Does more thorough work than standard thermometers or built-in control systems
  • Notifies the necessary individuals when there is a surge or reduction in temperature, even if they are off-site
  • Since the monitoring sensors store their data on the cloud and locally maintained server-based platforms, they eliminate the need to keep downloading recorded figures manually from the refrigerator or thermometers.
  • Temperature monitoring sensors can be utilized in storage facilities that store either refrigerated or frozen vaccines.
  • Since they deliver accurate and highly reliable measurements and recordings, the sensors help reduce storage and handling errors, thereby saving you the dollars you could have wasted vaccinating people with a non-viable vaccine.
  • Lastly, the temperature monitoring platforms delivers software products with service plans, turnkey installations, or staged self-install configurations.
  • What Sets TempGenius apart from other Monitoring Systems

    A Proven Track Record and Vast Experience

    You do not need any random provider for your monitoring; you need a company that works solely on temperature monitoring solutions. It also needs to have a variety of customers and unmatched knowledge. TempGenius has been working on temperature measurement and recording solutions for many years. We take pride in our plethora of partnerships with renowned medical and healthcare entities in the US.

    Compliance with the Set Standards

    TempGenius temperature monitoring systems are designed and developed to the highest standards. They have met requirements from the CDC, FDA, CAP, ISO 17025, CLIA, Joint Commission (JC), HACCP, and USDA. Furthermore, we provide enterprise temperature alarms and complete temperature logs when Critical Compliance (CCP’s) are out of compliance.

    We Provide Certified Calibration Services

    With a vast array of software apps and products, we deliver top-notch calibration services that can support validation, traceability, compliance, and quality assurance. Our systems will help you record and monitor deviations and inaccuracies in detail and provide precise results.

    Durable and Reliable Systems

    Our temperature monitoring platforms are a culmination of robust expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled experience. Our ultra-stable platforms are created to give you the best performance and durability.

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