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Temperature Monitoring is not always about keeping materials cool, it can also be about keeping materials warm.

Vitro is an experiment that replicates the process of living organisms. Tissue cultures are grown in a laboratory over time in an environment that is as close to the native environment as possible. In the Co2 incubator, cultivation takes place where carbon dioxide content, temperature, and humidity are controlled. The inside of Co2 incubators is typically made of corrosion-free stainless steel. They are furthermore smoothed by electrolytic refining by the manufacturers to avoid germs from propagating and to make cleaning simpler.

The Co2 incubator usually has a chamber volume of 13 gallons and up to 80 gallons. They have a temperature range from 40°F and 46°F above room temperature. They are regularly equipped with an inner glass door or another gas baffle to detect the chamber load without affecting the atmosphere inside the chamber.

When air humidity is regulated, the standard temperatures in a CO2 incubator is set to the same temperature as the human body around 98.6 °F. It is essential to maintain humidity in a precise manner, while at the same time avoiding condensation in the interior. This is done in repetition either through humidification through water trays in the interior of the CO2 incubator or through water being put in contact with the floor or through an activity governed system for humidification and dehumidification where the water supply is kept outside the engaged chamber. The water from the external water tank is heated and fed into the chamber as steam this being the only sterile water humidifies the chamber and the samples and the humidity can be applied in specific doses.

When the chamber heated, the atmosphere must be precisely maintained. This vital to protect the samples in a CO2 incubator. There is a full range of diverse heating systems that are secondarily maintained by motorized fans, and by air circulation systems. Supported by a heated air jacket, and sometimes by a water jacket in Co2 incubators ensure even temperature distribution. With a water jacket for temperature stability, speedy retrieval times after the door has been opened and upkeep of the temperature after a power failure is essential. At the same time, the air jacket prevents condensation from forming.

Certain manufacturers do not use a jacket of air or water, instead of heating the chamber directly, they surrounded it in an additional insulating coat. In this form of direct heating, a high degree of leeway and a comprehensive procedure of heating elements the basic of a temperature homogeneity is formed.

Temperature monitoring is essential to the successful operation of running an experiment in CO2 incubators and needs comprehensive temperature monitoring by a trusted Temperature Monitoring Company.