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December 18, 2018
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The key to temperature monitoring is not just observation but action. With event alerting through the TempGenius system we provide escalating event alerts when our sensors read temperatures that are outside of a specified temperature range for a specified time span. 

An alert is made when the TempGenius system reads a temperature too hot or too cold over the specified amount of time.  With escalating events, alerts can be made at specified intervals.  When an out of range or offline event happens, an alert is sent out and a corrective action is required.  Part of the alerting systems is setting up and maintaining an alert schedule.  This can be done with the TempGenius Dashboard.

From the TempGenius Dashboard click the Setup button and this will take you to the TempGenius Setup Dashboard.  From Setup on the bottom tabs select the Alert Setup Tab. This will bring up the TempGenius Alert Schedule Setup. 

The first step is to set up the recipients of the alerts.  Click the Setup Recipient button, this will bring up the Alert Recipient Setup.  Click into each box, enter a recipient name then click into the next box Reminder Alerts only and select or type False. 

You can enter a phone number into the voice numbers and the recipient will receive a phone call from the TempGenius automated messaging service giving information on the alert. You can enter a number into text message number field and the recipient will receive a text message from the TempGenius automated messaging service. You can enter an Email address and the recipient will receive an email from the TempGenius automated messaging service.

Once all the contact information that has been set up, click Save Recipient and this will bring you back to the Alert Schedule Setup. Select the Recipient Name that was just entered and select Alert Destination, Once the Recipient Name and Alert Destination are selected the Hours of the Day you wanted the alerts to go out. By selecting all, alerts will be sent out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With multiple recipients, the overlapping schedule can be made if having one recipient receive alerts 24/7.

Once the schedule has been set, select Save Schedule, and the schedule for that alert destination will be set. If multiple destinations were entered the scheduling process will need to be done multiple times per destination.

The alerts setup is complete once each Recipient entered had a schedule set for each alert destination entered. Remember the key to Temperature monitoring is the corrective action to undesired events and ensuring the successful operation of equipment and process of operations. With the TempGenius Alerts, you will be able to be aware of undesired events and empowered to make those corrective actions in a timely manner.