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Are you a facility that must meet CAP – College of American Pathologists requirements for temperature checks and monitoring? Does your facility still monitor your equipment with thermometers and manually log the temperatures? Depending on the size of your facility, you could be wasting thousands of labor hours manually monitoring all your equipment! By investing in our automated wired or wireless temperature monitoring system, we can save you time and money.

Per CAP the following is required for a temperature monitoring system for their checklist:

**NEW** 04/21/2014 COM.30750 - Temperature Checks Phase II

Temperatures are checked and recorded each day of use for all temperature-dependent equipment and environments using a calibrated thermometer. NOTE: Temperature-dependent equipment (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, incubators) containing reagents and/or patient/client specimens must be monitored daily, as equipment failures could affect accuracy of patient/client test results. Items such as water baths and heat blocks used for procedures need only be checked on days of patient/client testing. If specific instruments, equipment, kits, or supplies have specified ambient temperature ranges for proper operation or use, there must be documentation that the specified ambient temperature is maintained and corrective action taken when tolerance limits are exceeded. The two acceptable ways of recording temperatures are: 1) recording the numerical temperature, or 2) placing a mark on a graph that corresponds to a numerical temperature (either manually, or using a graphical recording device). The identity of the individual recording the temperature(s) must be documented (recording the initials of the individual is adequate).

The use of automated (including remote) temperature monitoring systems is acceptable, providing that laboratory personnel have ongoing immediate access to the temperature data, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken if a temperature is out of the acceptable range. The daily functionality of the system must be documented. For heat blocks or dry baths, thermocouple probes may be used as an alternative method for checking the temperature.

**NEW** 04/21/2014 COM.30775 - Temperature Range Phase II

Acceptable ranges have been defined for all temperature-dependent equipment and environments (including test-dependent ambient temperature) in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. Evidence of Compliance: ✓ Temperature log or record with defined acceptable range

**NEW** 04/21/2014 COM.30800 - Temperature Corrective Action Phase II

There is evidence of corrective action taken if acceptable temperature ranges for temperature-dependent equipment are exceeded, including evaluation of contents of refrigerators and freezers for adverse effects.

NOTE: If acceptable temperature ranges for refrigerators and/or freezers are exceeded, stored reagents, controls, calibrators, etc. must be checked to confirm the accuracy or quality of the material before use and documented. The check should follow a defined protocol or procedure.

What Sets TempGenius apart from other Monitoring Systems

A Proven Track Record and Vast Experience

You do not need any random provider for your monitoring; you need a company that works solely on temperature monitoring solutions. It also needs to have a variety of customers and unmatched knowledge. TempGenius has been working on temperature measurement and recording solutions for many years. We take pride in our plethora of partnerships with renowned medical and healthcare entities in the US.

Compliance with the Set Standards

TempGenius temperature monitoring systems are designed and developed to the highest standards. They have met requirements from the CDC, FDA, CAP, ISO 17025, CLIA, Joint Commission (JC), HACCP, and USDA. Furthermore, we provide enterprise temperature alarms and complete temperature logs when Critical Compliance (CCP’s) are out of compliance.

We Provide Certified Calibration Services

With a vast array of software apps and products, we deliver top-notch calibration services that can support validation, traceability, compliance, and quality assurance. Our systems will help you record and monitor deviations and inaccuracies in detail and provide precise results.

Durable and Reliable Systems

Our temperature monitoring platforms are a culmination of robust expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled experience. Our ultra-stable platforms are created to give you the best performance and durability.

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